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Supporting you: to heal from the past,
build trust that the future will be manageable,
and honour yourself and others in the present.

We humans all need to be heard, acknowledged, and encouraged.

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A warm welcome to you

I welcome, respect, and believe in ALL people, regardless of marginalization or elevation. I invite ALL concerns regardless the size or scope.

As unique beings, challenges visit us in unique ways. Many of us have had experiences, are in situations, or have behaviours which prevent us from living a complete life. Whether or not you have a name for what you are experiencing, I will meet you without judgement, but rather with warmth and encouragement.

I offer an open, safe, and relaxed yet engaged space in which to explore. Reaching out for professional help can take a lot of courage and I congratulate you for exploring this possibility today.


Meaningful endeavours generally require an outlay of time and effort.

I strongly believe that an investment in our mental well-being is one such deeply meaningful endeavour.

Living at one’s potential allows all manner of things to become possible both for you and those around you.


Coping Strategies

In order to manage our past and present experiences, we often adopt emotional and/or behavioural strategies. A person may seek counselling when a coping strategy is either no longer working, or when it begins to negatively impact daily life.


New to Therapy

One of the most powerful factors in making positive change is held in the relationship between client and counselling therapist. I encourage you to trust your instincts and search for a counselling therapist with whom you feel you could be fully comfortable.


Focus of Counselling

The primary focus may be on current challenges and learning ways to handle them. Or, it may be on on the origins of challenges and exploring and processing those. Or there may also be a mix of both, which is generally how I work.



Anna has a healing presence that illuminates her every encounter. She has a wise and patient approach that honours each person’s unique personality and journey. She combines her knowledge of mind and heart with a delightful sense of humour that brings lightness to her sessions. Her clients leave knowing that they have been understood and that they will be supported with kindness through their challenges.

C.Talbot, MD

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